Yacht Charter in Serifos

Serifos is located in the western Cyclades, south of Kythnos and northwest of Sifnos.Bareboat yacht charter.  It is part of the Milos regional unit. It is located about 170 kilometres (92 nautical miles) ESE of Piraeus (2.5 hours by High Speed and 4.5 by boat). Bareboat yacht charter.

In Greek mythology, Serifos is where Danaë and her infant son Perseus washed ashore after her father Acrisius, in response to an oracle that his own grandson would kill him, set them adrift at sea in a wooden chest. Yacht charter.  When Perseus returned to Serifos with the head of the Gorgon Medusa, he turned Polydektes, the king of Serifos, and his retainers into stone as punishment for the king’s attempt to marry his mother by force. Yacht charter.

The main port of Livadhi has most accommodation and other services and is where most visitors stay. Yacht charter.  Yacht charter.  Hora, (sometimes called Pano Hora,) the old island capital, is the other settlement of note. Smaller villages are scattered around the rest of the island. Yacht Charter.

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