Yacht Charter in Methana

Methana Yacht charter

Methana is a beautiful and picturesque peninsula situated on the eastern board of Peloponnese peninsula, southwest of Piraeus, between the cluster of Argosaronikos Islands, with its renowned mineral-water spa. Yacht charter.  Methana has an outstanding mild climate that permits the visitor to vacation there both in the summer and winter. Methana  is connected from Piraeus port by ferry boat (duration app. 2 hours) to Póros, Aegina, Hydra, Spetses.

Ermioni – Yacht charter

A beautiful Greek coastal town.  Classed as an ‘island town’ of captivating beauty, as the sea surrounds the town from three sides.   Yacht charter.  The port town Ermioni is situated in the southeastern part of Argolis, on the coast of the Aegean Sea. It faces the islands of Hydra and Dokos.  A fantastic base from which to explore the surrounding region which has so much to offer, from historical sites to some of the finest beaches.

Marina of Methana – Yacht charter

Methana Marina on the Methana Peninsula is a small marina offering a spa village of old charm. The marina suffers from a smell of “rotten eggs” from the Sulpheretted Hydrogen that bubbles up from the sea bed into he marina. The air can be so pungent that the village is known as “Vromolimani” or stinking shore.

On the west side of the marina ae buildings which house the sulphur spas and baths, said to be good for the rheumatism.

The town with its white houses is fairly easy to identify as you close but the entrance is more difficult to spot.

The entrance is to the southern end of the town and is tucked behind the wooded headland. Yacht rental. The entrance is very narrow but once inside there is plenty of room to manoeuvres. Shelter is fairly good. Berthing is bow/stern too, some berths have tailed moorings.

If the marina is full yachts are permitted to use the ferry harbour to the north.

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