Yacht Charter in Kea

Kea  is a Greek island in the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea. Kea is part of the Kea-Kythnos regional unit. Its capital, Ioulis, is inland at a high altitude (like most ancient Cycladic settlements, for fear of pirates) and is considered quite picturesque. Other major villages of Kea are the port of Korissia and the fishing village of Vourkari. Yacht charter.   After suffering depopulation for many decades, Kea has been recently rediscovered by Athens as a convenient destination for sailing yacht charters and bareboat yacht charters.

It is the island of the Cyclades complex that is closest to Attica (about 1 hour by ferry from Lavrio) and is also 20 km (12 mi) from Cape Sounio as well as 60 km (37 mi) SE of Athens.

The port of Livadi,(Yacht Charter) is the first place you will see when you arrive on the island since this is where the ferry docks y or yacht is the only way to get here. There is a long sandy beach, a couple well stocked supermarket, several restaurants, cafes, bars and a hotel or two. Yacht charter.  Above the port on the hill of Agia Triada are the ruins of the ancient acropolis and what is believed to be an archaic temple dedicated to Apollo. The statue known as the Kouros of Kea in the National Museum in Athens was found here. Yacht rental.

The yacht harbour of Vourkari (Flotilla Yacht Charter)  has several seafood restaurants and is where all the people who are sailing the Cyclades come. Yacht charter.  The bay of Voukari looks almost like a lake and is the most sheltered spot in the large harbour which is why it is popular with the yachters who know they will get a good night’s rest, even when the waves are like mountains outside the harbour. Luxury Yacht charter.  The boats dock up, parallel-parking style right on the street and the waiters, when they are not too busy, run out to help by catching the lines and shouting directions and encouragement to the sailors. Yacht charter.  When the boats are secured the captain, crew and passengers cross the street for an ice-cold beer, a couple ouzos and mezedes or a seafood dinner. Most of the restaurants serve lobster too. The seafood is generally pretty fresh since the fishing boats are based here. Bare boat yacht charter.

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