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Kalymnos, is a Greek island and municipality in the southeastern Aegean Sea. Bareboat yacht charter. It belongs to the Dodecanese and is located to the west of the peninsula of Bodrum (the ancient Halicarnassos), between the islands of Kos (south, at a distance of 12 km (7 mi)) and Leros (north, at a distance of less than 2 km (1 mi)): the latter is linked to it through a series of islets. Kalymnos lies between two to five hours away by sea from Rhodes. Yacht charter.  The island is the third most populous island of the Dodecanese, after Kos and Rhodes. Bareboat yacht charter. It is known in Greece for the affluence of much of its population, and also stands as both the wealthiest member of the Dodecanese and one of the wealthiest Greek islands overall. Yacht charter. The Municipality of Kalymnos, which includes the populated offshore islands of Pserimos (pop. 80), Telendos (94), Kalolimnos (2), and Pláti (2), as well as several uninhabited islets.

Kalymnos Island affluence a world wide reputation due to its divers and sponge fishing. Yacht charter.  Sponge fishery has a long tradition on the island and contributes to the island’s economic prosperity. Kalymnos together with Karpathos, Kasos, Nisyros, Symi and Halki are the main places that the so called “Voutichtadon” (divers who fish out sponges) originate from, whose activities spread out to the entire Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Marina (Port) of Kalymnos – Yacht charter

Port Kalymnos or, as it is locally known, Póthia is the main harbour of the island. It affords good shelter from the meltemi, although there are strong NW gusts across the harbour. A heavy swell enters the harbour when southerly winds are blowing. There are two main mooring options for yachts, both of which involve anchor mooring to the quay. Yacht charter. There is space for some 12-15 yachts stern-to the quay at the SW end of the harbour. Drop your anchor in 7.0 – 8.0 metres; the bottom is mud and weed and good holding once your anchor is in. Test the holding before leaving your boat, since the meltemi gusts across here on your port bow if you are stern-to. Yacht charter. The second option is the new quay which has been constructed at the NW end of the harbour, north of the fishing quay. Depths at the quay are around 3.0 – 3.5 metres. Drop your anchor in 6.0 – 7.0 metres; the bottom is mud and weed and good holding. The meltemi gusts down onto your stern here (assuming you moor stern-to), so it is a more secure mooring option if the meltemi is blowing at full strength. As with the SW quay, water and electricity can be connected.

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